Helping your body help itself ain’t easy

With healthcare the primary concern currently, helping support your basic health and your ability to resistance to infection has never been more important. The internet is a boon for finding information but identifying and understanding the information you need to make informed decisions is difficult.

Beyond popular media and the polarizing chamber of social media there is a wealth of published science covering the health effects of dietary supplements and their ingredients. However these scientific articles are not easily accessible to those without the background, some articles may be flawed in design or not support their conclusions and others can intend to promote a particular position.

As a part of ida by NaturAI we understand this and so a major part of our usefulness in helping consumers choose supplements wisely, is the use of our medical and life science research experience and knowledge to; winnow the extensive (and increasing) science, prioritise quality information based on human studies and make that knowledge able to inform decisions being made by individuals with different conditions and aims.

In the background of ida by NaturAI we have developed an AI workflow that tracks and updates the knowledge base so that the latest science is available when we are identifying, comparing and ranking the most suitable products for a given need. By codifying our world class expertise within AI automation systems, ida by NaturAI becomes a sustainable resource which can increasingly be trusted to generate the most informed and suitable recommendations to consistently improve healthcare outcomes for our users.

Knowing what to do is more important that ‘doing something’. In these days, supporting our health is key, so we need to make the best decisions we can about the supplements we choose first time.

NaturAI is seeking funding to extend and finalize deployment of ida across health supplement outlets, starting in Hungary. If you wish to support us in this aim, visit our crowdsourcing effort at Tőkeportál and invest.

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