About us

Dr. Polgár Tímea

Director, co-founder

Tímea obtained her PhD degree at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering of BME. She has graduated at the University of Szeged as a molecular biologist and chemist. He has extensive experience in strategic business development and research development, primarily within biotech and pharmaceutical software development.

Mustafa Ahmed

Manager, USA

Mustafa has more than 15 years of experience leading IT developments at several Fortune 500 companies. Mustafa also feels at home in the startup world, successfully starting two businesses and building development teams.

Horváth Péter

Sales Director, co-founder

Péter is an experienced salesman who graduated as an agricultural engineer from the University of Debrecen. He began his career at Ricoh and Novartis-Syngenta as a sales manager. During his years at Chemaxon, he contributed to the success of the company through the establishment of an Asian distribution network.

Lapusnyik Nóra

Business development manager, co-founder

Nora has more than 14 years of experience in partner management, primarily in the field of business development related to scientific software development. Nora is an avid supporter of start-ups and innovative solutions. Nora also excels in marketing and is an avid supporter of health care

Alex Allardyce

International communication expert

Alex is an expert in life sciences communications, with a particular focus on pharmaceutical and biotech software development. Alex has built several large communities.

Dr. Hajdú Zsanett

Expert consultant

Zsanett, biologist and herbalist. Currently, as an entrepreneur, he also conducts scientific and educational lectures, herbal consultations and the preparation of online courses in our small country. He holds a degree in biology from the University of Szeged…

Dr. Putics Ákos

Expert consultant

Ákos graduated as a molecular biologist and obtained his PhD in virology in Würzburg. He completed his postgraduate studies at Imperial College London and then spent nearly a decade at the Gedeon Richter Pharmaceutical Factory.

Molnár Roland

Head of development, CTO

Roland Molnár spent more than 10 years developing backend, where in addition to programming, he gained extensive knowledge in database design and performance optimization. During this time, he has led a wide range of business needs in the worlds of finance and security as well as chemical informatics.

Stolczenberger Andrea

Communication expert

Customer and agency communication specialist with B2B and B2C experience. She has outstanding experience in startup communication, public projects, managing complex communication campaigns, is able to see even the most complex action plans perfectly and handles deadlines great.